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KC901V/M Firmware
KC901Q Firmware
KC901S+/C+ Firmware
KC908 Firmware







KC908 basic firmware

(If you need to upgrade the firmware from version 2.2.0 onwards, please upgrade this base firmware first.

If this base firmware is already installed, there is no need to install it again for subsequent upgrades to higher versions)





(Due to the change of authorization algorithm, after this upgrade, the authorization code of the original authorized DMR and PDT options will be invalid, and the options will be closed and need to be authorized again.

After upgrading this version, if you want to downgrade to the past version, please make sure to perform “Restore Factory Settings” (FUNC-System Settings-Restore Factory Settings) first, otherwise it may lead to software failure that needs to be returned to the factory.)





3.1.6    Optimize audio ACG function, can adjust speed; improve residual response; improve DCS/CTCSS measurement accuracy; fix USB charging; add wav audio player (only supports audio files recorded by KC908 itself)

3.1.7  Recommand update 

Changed part of the communication protocol inside the device to solve the occasional slow refresh and loss of spectrum type after long-term operation of the spectrum function; optimized the control logic of the first local oscillator and optimized the control logic of USB fast charging to reduce the abnormal probability of the fast charging function; optimized the IQ file parsing logic to solve the problem of crashing when the KC908U/V loads certain rate IQ files.