KC761 Firmware Downloads and Upgrades

Upgrade Packs Download

Information about fixes and improvements for each version of firmware is included in the upgrade package.

IMPORTANT: Only for KC761B. DO NOT install firmware v1.43 on your KC761, or it will result in serious malfunction, which must be returned to the factory to fix.

Released on Feb 4, 2024, about 1.17MB. CoprocessorFW v0.7


Released on September 8, 2023, about 1.17MB.

Released on August 21, 2023, about 1.17MB.

Released on August 3, 2023, about 1.21MB.

Released on June 27, 2023, about 938kB.

Released on June 25, 2023, about 932kB. 

Any upgrade from V1.0 or below, this upgrade package must be installed first.

Released on June 16, 2023, about 860kB.

Not recommended.

Released April 6, 2023, about 388kB.