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KC901V is a hand-held VNA developed by us. It has a measurement frequency range of 6.8ghz, high dynamic range, strong and portable. It integrates the functions of signal source / spectrum / field intensity meter. You will see it in various radio measurement situations

KC951021 RF DemoKit

KC95021 RF Demo Kit is specially designed for RF Network Analyzer learners. It contains totally sixteen types or RF circuits, among which eleven types are single-port networks, and five are dual-port networks. Furthermore, it is equipped with three well-performing (open-short-load) calibrators that are fit for UFL connectors with 1mm electrical length, which the operator can perform calibration with on the VNA before measuring the PCB antennas.

KCR100B 380MHz-8GHz Antenna

The R100B type antenna is a printed LDPA for field strength meter, spectrum analyzer and reconnaissance receiver. Usually it’s used for field strength assessment, signal source detection and radio direction finding, etc. Its wide frequency range, portability and its solid build, it’s suitable for handheld usage both indoors and outdoors.