Ultra-lightweight Spectrum Analyzer/Monitor Receiver up to 18.6GHz

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Redefining Lightweight Excellence in Spectrum Analysis,  State-of-the-art monitoring receiver weighing just 900g

KC908 is a wide-band sweep receiver, it is capable of measuring spectrum and field strength,demodulating and monitoring signals likeFM SSB  P25 Tetra and DMR. As for uncommon signals, KC908 can record the IQ signal and save to micro SD card.

KC908 is based on SDR construct. Different from other PC-based SDR receivers, KC908 integrates complete digital signal processing unit and user interface, it is no need to use with PC. Also KC908 supports SDR software like HDSDR and is able to connect with GNURadio.

Fast sweep reaches 3GHz bandwidth per-second with a 10kHz frequency resolution, which is equivalent to 120,000 25kHz channels. It takes less than 0.1 second to sweep 300-500MHz,. We’re proud of such a decent performance on a micro-size hand-held equipment.

Signal source function able to generate RF signals and play IQ files in full frequency range. 


Receiver mode

Real-time bandwidth 15MHz max, waterfall graph and digital phosphor display. Multiple demodulation mode and IQ record.

Source mode

Full frequency rang support, 90dB setting range of output level, AF/FM/PM modulation and IQ replay.

Spectrum mode

3GHz/s fast sweep, zero to full span sweeping, configurable RBW, storing a list of signals of interest.

Correlator mode

Compares the phase and amplitude of the two channels and displays the difference.


  • DMR/TETRA/P25 and other digital-voice demodulation
  • Monitoring with multiple squelch and analysis
  • High volume audio output for noisy environmen
  • Record IQ and audio to TF card
  • Zero to Full span for spectrum mode with 3GHz/s fast sweeping
  • Better than 15KHz frequency measurement accuracy with any sweep span
  • Full band RF signal source with 90dB adjustable amplitude and IQ replay
  • +10dBm output level up to 18.6GHz (KC908B Only)
  • GNURadio connectivity

Receiver Mode____________________________

DMR/P25/Tetra and more... Now demodulated monitoring in one device

Built-in multiple vocoders to support a variety of digital voice combinations

Demodulation by makers, for fast multi-signal monitoring

Multiple squelch methods, including CTS/DCS and analysis

Waterfall and digital phosphor display for hidden signal identification 

Level tone for direction finding and signal search

Read frequency list form spectrum mode wide range sweep

Waterfall and digital phosphor display for hidden signal identification

Multiple squelch methods, including CTS/DCS and analysis

Level tone for direction finding and signal search

Read frequency list form spectrum mode wide range sweep

Spectrum Mode____________________________

Performing spectrum analysis functions will not need tonnes of instruments. KC908 scanning up to 18.6 GHz range, automatic RBW for highly accurate frequency results at any span. Peak list function automatically records the frequency and POI of signals that occur.

Extensive trace functions and configurable detector modes

Zero Span use for time domain analysis with trigger mode setting

Signal Source____________________________

RF signal output covering the entire frequency range, supporting AM/FM/PM modulation modes, 90dB amplitude setting range. Most importantly, IQ replay is supported!

Play IQ file record by KC908 or import files to Micro SD card. also can set amplitude and replay frequency. This is a useful feature for testing digital systems.

The KC908B has the most powerful signal source in the series, with a maximum output amplitude of +10dBm 18GHz and a synchronous tuning filter.


Only in KC908A/B models.
Compare the amplitude and phase difference of two port input signals


With professional and precise hardware design, high performance is realized in a very small volume, and strict RF front-end design, even the weakest signals can be detected under the strong interference field.

KC908 has a built-in multi band Pre-filter that automatically switches to the current operating frequency.

RF front-end with multi stage amplifiers and attenuators, automatically set for optimal different signal level

Main Parameters


Frequency range

Real time bandwidth

Analysis bandwidth

Demodulation bandwidth

100% POI(note 3)

Level measurement range

Level measurement uncertainty

Noise floor

Normalized noise floor

Instrument noise coefficient

Third-order intercept pointa

Third-order intercept pointa

First image suppression

IQ image suppression

Residual response(note 4)

Residual response(note 4)

Spurious response

Signal generator output level(note 5)

Battery life


Min value


Typical value

continuously adjustable
continuously adjustable
continuously adjustable

Max value



Can be set to 8MHz
Receiver mode
@12kHz BW, avg
Max Gain, avg
Max Gain
REF = -70dBm
REF = 20dBm
Port N.C
With Whip Antenna
1dB Step

1. This table just shows the parameters that user are concerned about, for detail please see the technical parameter table in the user manual.

2. Performance is measured with the right port. The receiving performace on the left port maybe inferior to the right port.

3. We define the intercept in POI as accurate measurement, not only show up.

4. KC908 will transmit EMI during the measurement. If the antenna is close to KC908 it will receive the EMI. This parameter is measured by a 0.2m whip antenna, 1m from the KC908 in the microwave anechoic chamber.

5. Different versions, different frequency output level range is slightly different. For KC908B all available frequencies are up to 13dBm.


KC908U / V

100kHz ~ 4 / 6GHz

$ 2199 – $ 2999

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KC908A / B

100kHz ~ 10.8 / 18.6GHz

$ 4599 – $ 6999

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Digital  voice demodulation options