Lab use low noise amplifier with flat gain over the entire band, small size, easy to use, can be powered by USB Type-C and DC10~24V, suitable for scientific experimental use and also for system integration purposes.
Medium power amplifier for experimental use, small size, easy to use, stable performance, can be powered by Type-C and provide 0.2~0.5W power output, suitable for uses that require expanded output power.
Industry low-noise amplifier with IP67 protection, can be directly exposed to outdoor occasions, can be used to close of the antenna to pre-amplify the received signal, can effectively reduce the noise level of the receiving system. KC9605x can be feeder-powered with the KC9480 Bias-T.

Type Model Freq Min Freq Max Gain NF P1dB Connector Price


Low Noise Amplifier for lab

KC9601A 380MHz 6GHz 20 1.5 18 SMA $49
KC9601B 1MHz 1GHz 22 1.5 23 SMA $69
KC9601C 50MHz 10GHz 22 1.5 22 SMA $79
KC9601D 6GHz 26.5GHz 20 3 10 SMA **


Driver Amplifier for lab

KC9603A 1MHz 1GHz 22 1.5 27 SMA $69
KC9603B 500MHz 8GHz 20 3.5 25 SMA $69
KC9603C 6GHz 18GHz 20 10 25 SMA $189
Industry LNA KC9605 1MHz 1GHz 22 1.5 27 N $99
KC9605B 50MHz 10GHz 22 1.5 22 N **
Bias-T KC9480 1MHz 6GHz N $49