KC901Q Firmware Download

KC901Q are equipped with firmware upgrade function, you only need to deposit the ROM package into the TF (micro SD) card and follow the instructions to complete the upgrade without other settings.

1. Applicable version

All versions of the publicly available KC901Q support firmware upgrades.

The maximum supported TF card capacity is 32GB with FAT32 file system. Large capacity TF cards may have compatibility issues, smaller capacity cards (under 4GB) hardly have compatibility issues. 

2. ROM Pack Download

Version 1.2.5, released Feb 4, 2024.

Add support for KCSDI software connectivity

Version 1.2.4, released August 21, 2023.

Repair the problem that the test data is always 0.00 after the S21 system calibration in the remote control function; note that the S21 system calibration can only be carried out once, and if it needs to be repeated, it is necessary to exit the S21 function, re-initialize S21, and then run the S21 system calibration again.