MEASALL Digital Receiver Real-time Spectrum Analyzer KC908A/B Up to18.6G


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  • DMR/TETRA/P25 and other digital-voice demodulation
  • Monitoring with multiple squelch and analysis
  • Record IQ and audio to TF card
  • Zero to Full span for spectrum mode with 3GHz/s fast sweeping
  • Better than 15KHz frequency measurement accuracy with any sweep span
  • Full band RF signal source with 90dB adjustable amplitude and IQ replay
  • GNURadio connectivity
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KC908 is a wide-band sweep receiver, it is capable of measuring spectrum and field strength,demodulating and monitoring signals likeFM SSB  P25 Tetra and DMRAs for uncommon signals, KC908 can record the IQ signal and save to micro SD card.

KC908 is based on SDR construct. Different from other PC-based SDR receivers, KC908 integratecomplete digital signal processing unit and user interface, it is no need to use with PC. Also KC908 supports SDR software like HDSDR and is able to connect with GNURadio.

Fast sweep reaches 3GHz bandwidth per-second with a 10kHz frequency resolution, which is equivalent to 120,000 25kHz channels. It takes less than 0.1 second to sweep 300-500MHz,. We’re proud of such a decent performance on a micro-size hand-held equipment.

Signal source function able to generate RF signals and play IQ files in full frequency range. 

 Basic Function

  • Spectrum analysis
  • Signal monitoring
  • Signal generator and IQ files play
  • Digital voice demodulation


  1.DMR/TETRA/P25 and other digital signal demodulation

  2.Monitoring with multiple squelch and analysis

  3.High volume audio output for noisy environmen

  4.Record IQ and audio to TF card

  5.Zero to Full span for spectrum mode with 3GHz/s fast sweeping

  6. Full band RF signal source with 90dB adjustable amplitude and IQ replay

  7.+10dBm output level up to 18.6GHz (KC908B Only)

  8.GNURadio connectivity


KC908 can be used as a traditional spectrum analyzer. It’s also the ideal choice for digital, pulse or unstable signals(like magnetron output).

  1. Professional communication engineering
  2. IoT project
  3. Interference searching
  4. Concealed signal source searching
  5. Electromagnetic radiation measurement
  6. Radar and satellite station
  7. Radio reconnaissance and monitoring
  8. Spectrum resource occupancy analysis.
  9. Industrial microwave engineering
  10. Electromagnetic environment evaluation


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