MEASALL Digital Receiver Real-time Spectrum Analyzer KC908V 6GHz


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The KC908U and KC908V are Lite versions of the KC908 series receivers with ONE receive port and ONE source port. KC908U supports 100kHz~4GHz frequency range; KC908V supports 100kHz~6GHz frequency range. KC908U/V adopts stainless steel precision SMA connector.

 Basic Function

  • Spectrum analysis
  • Field strength measurement
  • Digital voice demodulation(built-in DMR-Tetra only in 136-174MHz & 410-470MHz with out option)
  • Signal generator and IQ files play

Useful Functions

  1. Better than 15KHz frequency measurement accuracy with any sweep span, a single measurement can get the accurate frequency.
  2. Comfortable monitoring with multiple squelch mode
  3. Automatically log strong signals for reconnaissance
  4. Storing up to 999 channels
  5. Waterfall figure display
  6. Record IQ and audio to TF card
  7. Level tone function for tracing on foot
  8. Signal demodulation with high volume audio for noisy environment


KC908 can be used as a traditional spectrum analyzer. It’s also the ideal choice for digital, pulse or unstable signals(like magnetron output).

  1. Professional communication engineering
  2. IoT project
  3. Interference searching
  4. Concealed signal source searching
  5. Electromagnetic radiation measurement
  6. Radar and satellite station
  7. Radio reconnaissance and monitoring
  8. Spectrum resource occupancy analysis.
  9. Industrial microwave engineering
  10. Electromagnetic environment evaluation


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