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Discover distinctive and high-quality products from the expert manufacturer. Engineered for versatility and excellence, our brand Measall® instruments are designed to meet the diverse needs of personal laboratories and field use.

KC761 Gamma Spectrometer

Put the high-performance gamma spectrum analyzer in your hands – the unique device equipped with a CsI scintillation sensor and PIN detector, achieving a FWHM of 7.5% for 662KeV(KC761B), it is waterproof and supports Bluetooth connectivity to smart devices.

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KC908 Spectrum Analyzer/Monitor Receiver

High-performance digital receiver and spectrum analyzer, weighing only 901g. Supports digital demodulation includs DMR/Tetra. Noise level below -120dBm. Equipped with a signal source and support IQ recording and playback. KC908 fulfills all off-site RF testing requirements in a single unit!

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KC901K/R/T Dual Ports VNA

Full-duplex handheld network analyzer with signal source and spectrum display capabilities. Boasting a dynamic range of up to 100dB, it is user-friendly and housed in a robust casing for durability.

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KC901C/S/V/Q/M One and Half Port VNA

One and half port handheld network analyser up to 18 GHz. Cost friendly RF analysis equipment with a wide range of useful features. Excellent performance for personal lab and field testing.

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KC9600 Low Noise Amplifier

High-quality RF amplifiers up to 26.5 GHz, including the preamplifiers 9601 series, medium power amplifiers 9603 series and 9605 waterproof outdoor amplifier. Gain is flat and USB power is supported.

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KC9530 RF Power Sensor

USB/RS485 RF Power Sensor with 0.2dB uncertainty. True RMS detector, 4GHz

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Multi-band and ultra-wide-bandwidth antennas. Circularly and linearly polarised, omnidirectional and directional antennas from VHF to 10GHz. Cost friendly and suitable for communication labs.

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Precision mechanical calibration kit up to 26.5 GHz. Optional SMA and N-type connectors, calibration data included.

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Expanding the range of instruments available to you, quality accessories provide the ideal options for work and study.

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Use the software to connect to the instrument for remote control, providing a more user-friendly interface to expand instrument functionality.