Dual sensor: CsI and PIN for γ / β / α measurement

7.5% FWHM resolution @662keV

AA battery powerd and NiMH/NiCd charge ability

Android and iOS App for smartphone

25.4×10×10mm CsI scintillation detector

7.5% FWHM resolution @662keV

γ energy response to 9keV ~ 3MeV

typical 1%+5 energy uncertainty(No need to calibrate in field)

Energy compensated dose display

Continuous recording

Strong radiation alert

Long-term storage, easy to enable



Suitable for -2000m~+30km altitude

IP65 waterproof

Floating in water

Flame retardant material

1.5m drop protection.

3×AA batteries/USB Tpye-C/PoE power supply

NiMH/NiCd battery charging ability

Bluetooth and RJ45(under development) connectivity

The auxiliary sensor PIN detector is located on the back of the KC761, under a sticker.

Removing the protective sticker in order to measure alpha particles with the KC761’s PIN detector will not void the instrument’s warranty, but we will charge for exposure to water or damage to the mylar film.

Smartphone connectivity


12% FWHM Resolution

$329 including shipping


7.5% FWHM Resolution

$459 including shipping

Available on backorder