DEEPACE Wideband Directional Antenna R101C 730Mhz-6.5GHz


  • Rated gain: 7dBi
  • Return loss: 10dB
  • Power capacity: 5W
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Frequency range: 730MHz-6.5GHz

In the whole frequency range, the R101C antenna features better transmission/receiving performance and good gain with the VSWR less than 2.0; when beyond the applicable frequency, the antenna gain and return loss will rapidly reduce with the use requirement lowered appropriately and if the VSWR is less than 2.5, it can be used till 700Mz-7GHz.

Polarization mode: linear polarization

As a kind of antenna subject to linear polarization, R101C antenna features vertical polarization, identical to vertical monopole antenna.

Rated gain: 7dBi The gain of the R101C antenna will increase slowly with the increase of the frequency, about 5dBi, 7dBi and 9dBi respectively at 800MHZ, 2.4 GHz and 5.8GHz.

Return loss: 10dB The R101C antenna features the input impedance of 50Ω, when a 50Ω signal source is connected, it will fluctuate at 10dB within the frequency range, and the corresponding VSWR will be about less than 2.0.

Power capacity: 5W When an R101C antenna is used to transmit, we suggest that the RF input power be no greater than 5W. Short-term use beyond 50W is permitted and it will not cause antenna damages.

Direction sensitivity R101C features better directivity and smaller side lobe, so it can be used as a direction-finder antenna. Horizontally, the antenna pattern is comparatively wider and the -3dB width is about 60°; however, longitudinally, the antenna pattern is comparatively narrower and the -3dB width is about 40°.

Mechanical parameters: Dimensions: 23 * 22.5 cm;  Net weight: 400g

Working conditions: Temperature range: – 45℃~ 80℃ Humidity range: 0% ~ 95% with 100% allowed during a short period of time (free of water spraying) Waterproof performance: It needs to be dried after water spray and the connector cables shall be replaced if soaked. Wind resistance: For safety, it shall never be used when the wind speed is more than 20m/s (Gale)

Safety Considerations

Take care not to touch any charged conductor during operation and take precautions against electric shock. Never use it outdoors in case of thunderstorm and especially on high mountains and in the wilderness, you should hide yourself at a lower place as quickly as possible and lower the antenna. Carry it reliably in case of overhead operation to prevent falling. The antenna is pointed, so take care to avoid scratches during handling. The antenna connectors and feeders cannot bear, so never pull it forcibly during working; moreover, you can use ties to fix the feeders in the mounting holes on the antenna.  

Antenna maintenance

In the practical use, in order to prolong the service life of the antenna, please pay attention to such contents as follows: No press, collision and scratches of the antenna. No excessive bending of the cables.

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Dimensions 23 × 22.5 cm