MEASALL Radiation Dosimeters and Gamma-Spectrometers KC761B


  • Dual sensor: CsI and PIN for γ / β / α measurement
  • 7.5% FWHM resolution @662keV
  • AA battery powerd and NiMH/NiCd charge ability
  • Android and iOS App for smartphone

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Scintillator sensor gamma-spectrometers and radiation dosimeters KC761B

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Product Highlights

  • 7.5% FWHM resolution @662keV
  • Extended low energy response to 9keV
  • Low energy drift in working temperature range ±(2%+10keV) and ±(1%+5)keV uncertainty in ordinary temperature.

Product Features 

  • Primary sensor using CsI (2.54cm³) scintillator and SiPM, and auxiliary sensor using PIN tube (9mm²).
  • Powered by 3*(AA/LR6) or 3*HRM6 batteris for up to 10 days of continuous use.
  • Support USB (type-C) and POE power supply, Type-C port can use to charge the battery.
  • Weighs 300g and includes a display that can directly show the energy spectrum and other data with no need to connect to a cell phone.
  • Wide range of interfaces, Bluetooth and RJ45 ports (supports POE power) and microSD card slot for easy data transfer.
  • IP65 waterproof.

Product Functions

  • Radiation measurement with Multi-Channel analyzer
  • Dose display based on energy compensation(up to 100μGy/h)
  • Radioactive isotope identification


KC761B on SPEC mode

Apps with iOS and Android

Apps Download

Android   iOS

User Manual

KC761 User Manual beta

Product Parameters

  • Energy scale of γ rays

    Uncertainty ≤ ± (5% + 20keV) or typical uncertainty ± (2% + 10keV) at 23±5°C within 100 to 10kcps

  • Energy resolution of γ rays

    Based on the technical parameters published by the sensor.

  • Standard sensor: 7.5%
  • Additional resolution degradation of the instrument (95% confidence level):
  • where E is the peak center energy in keV.


  • γ radiation absorbed dose rate (error exists)

    Background~100μGy/h, uncertainty ±15%@662keV

    Compensated energy response: -15~+23%(80keV~1.5MeV), -23%~+43%(30keV~2MeV)

  • Strong radiation warning : 100μGy/h ~ 100mGy/h , -50% ~ +100%@662keV.
  • Since energy compensation is not possible at this time,the error may be greater at other energies.
  • Gamma radiation equivalent dose rate (error exists)

    ≤100μSv/h with typical uncertainty ±15%
    >100μSv/h with typical uncertainty -50%~+100%
    Dose equivalent (Typical value at ≤100μSv/h, only for KC761B):
    HP(0.07): ±30%,HP(3): ±20%
    Dose equivalent accumulation limit: ~10Sv

    α and β ray measurement

    Amplitude scale: count rate is provided for relative measurement,absolute accuracy is not guaranteed, and users can calibrate it by themselves.
    Counting rate nonlinearity ≤ 10% (in sensitive energy range, at 10cps to 5kcps).
    Energy scale of β-rays at 23±5℃: (50keV~2MeV). Typical uncertainty ±20% (room temperature, vacuum, reference value, not guaranteed).
    Energy scale of α-rays at 23±5℃: (1.5MeV~6MeV). Typical uncertainty ±20% (room temperature, vacuum, reference value, not guaranteed).

*The instrument cannot completely identify α, β, γ rays or neutrons, and the count rate is the total effect caused by all rays. The PIN detector is highly susceptible to electromagnetic field interference and false counts

  • Measurement time

Energy spectrum accumulation time: settable from 1s to 86400s (maximum count rate of 80kcps for scintillation detector, maximum count rate of 10kcps for PIN detector).

Dose accumulation time:any time: since the last time the user cleared the accumulated dose, to view the accumulated dose, nonvolatile storage cycle ~ 1h, shutdown and save.

  • Stability 

Temperature stability: -20~50℃, amplitude drift ≤±10%, energy drift ≤±(5+20)keV%.
 Long-term stability: typical amplitude drift ±10%/a, typical valuedrift ±5%/a.

What in Package

KC761 *1

Short strap *1



Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 6.7 cm


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