MEASALL Radiation Dosimeters and Gamma-Spectrometers KC761B


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  • Dual sensor: CsI and PIN for γ / β / α measurement
  • 7.5% FWHM resolution @662keV
  • AA battery powerd and NiMH charge ability
  • Android and iOS App for smartphone
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Product Highlights

  • 7.5% FWHM resolution @662keV
  • Extended low energy response to 9keV
  • Sensitive 10cps/0.1μGy/hour
  • Low energy drift in working temperature range ±(2%+10keV) and ±(1%+5)keV uncertainty in ordinary temperature
  • Long-term storage ability

Product Features 

  • Primary sensor using CsI (2.54cm³) scintillator and SiPM, and auxiliary sensor using PIN tube (9mm²).
  • Powered by 3*(AA/LR6) or 3*HRM6 batteris for up to 10 days of continuous use.
  • Support USB (type-C) and POE power supply, Type-C port can use to charge the battery.
  • Weighs 300g and includes a display that can directly show the energy spectrum and other data with no need to connect to a cell phone.
  • Wide range of interfaces, Bluetooth and RJ45 ports (supports POE power) and microSD card slot for easy data transfer.
  • IP65 waterproof.

Product Functions

  • Radiation measurement with Multi-Channel analyzer
  • Dose display based on energy compensation(up to 100μGy/h)
  • Manual radioactive isotope identification

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User Manual

KC761 User Manual beta

What in Package

KC761B *1 Short strap *1

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