Powerful, light weight, accurate vector network analyzer

KC901V is a multipurpose RF instrument integrating a VNA (vector network analyzer), spectrum analyzer, field strength meter, and an extra low-frequency signal source. It can do complete single port vector measurement and 2-ports simple vector network analyzing.

Main Features

  • Vector network analyzing up to 6.8GHz
    1Hz frequency step
  • Good accuracy and anti-interference ability
  • Abundant functions and easy to carry

Main Functions

  • Transmission measurement (Filter adjustments, measuring amplifiers, verifying
    directivity of antennas)
  • Reflection measurement (Impedance matching network adjustment, antenna
    feeding system quality evaluation)
  • RF source plus an extra audio signal source
  • Spectrum display and field strength observation (potentially used for inspecting
    a radio station’s emission performance, or for searching for the interference sources)

Recommended Applications

The KC901V is mainly used for adjusting various RF circuits, such as filters, amplifiers, splitters, combiners; testing input/output impedance, evaluating antenna feeding system and detecting equipment’s signal amplitudes at all levels. It can also do field strength measurement, which is useful for checking  the correct operation of low powered devices with integrated antennas and when searching for interference sources etc.

Technical parameter

KC901V Technical Parameter

Frequency Range (RBW=1KHz):

    Transmission Measurement 9KHz……6.8GHz

    Reflection Measurement 9KHz……6.8GHz

Frequency range which can be set: 5KHz(SPEC:0)……7GHz

Output Electric Level (Typical Level):

    To S11(Port 1)

        -0dBm or 1mW(100KHz—5GHz)


    To S21(Port 2)

        +7dBm or 5mW(100KHz—5GHz)



Attenuator which the inner setting is changeable:0—30dB


Input Sensitivity(RBW=1KHz):

    Superior to -101dBm or 2μV(9KHz—5GHz)

Superior to -87dBm or 10μV(5—6.8GHz)


Damage Electric Level:

All RF Ports: DC15V, +20dBm


S21 Measurement Range(Typical Value):

    100dB(1MHz—500MHz,At 435MHz, it’s about 105dB)

70dB(1——2GHz), 60dB(2-3GHz), 40dB(3-6.8GHz)



    Frequency 1Hz(Signal Point Mode:0.1Hz)

    Electric Level: 0.01dB

Phase 0.01°


Power Level Uncertainty:(Typical value, @25℃, Battery voltage 8.0V):

    ± 1.5dB ( Frequency spectrum measurement , when REF=20dBm ), ± 3dB ( Frequency spectrum, field strength mode)

    ±(0.5+0.05L)dB(S21 Measurement, after straight-through calibration, insertion loss: L≤60dB 时)

    0.05dB(Adjust zero drift in insertion loss mode, after preheat 5min, Every hour)

    ±3dB(loss, SOL vector calibration, When 3dB≤RL≤25dB)

Absolute Directionality(Typical value,in about 90% sections, it, s superior to this value and is inferior to this value in minority sections):



Absolute Directionality(After SOL vector calibration,calibration kit’s direction performance is superior to the one in 48dB)




Phase’s Uncertainty(Preheat 1min, operate it continuously, reflection coefficient>0.25, typical value)






    VSWR of Port 2:about 1.5

    VSWR of Port 1:about 2.0

    Concatenate a 10dB attenuator on the input port. It can reduce VSWR within 1.2。

Frequency Stability:


Supply Voltage:

    11V……32V(External Power Source); 7.2……8.4V(Battery)

    105V……230V, 50/60Hz(Input of the power adapter)

Battery’s Endurance Time(See Chapter 6.2):

    6 hours(Frequency spectrum, field strength, signal source); 4 hours(S21 or S11,including insertion loss measurement)

    20 hours(STOP state, display screen luminance is 10%)

Temperature and Humidity Range

    -20……65℃(External supply. In this range, battery supply time is depended on battery temperature characteristic), When it is out of 0…45℃, recalibration is

suggested. When it’s in -40…-20℃, it can be used after preheating for 5 min (RUN state).

    Humidity Range When There is non-condensing and no-frosting  



Weight(Battery included):

    Net Weight:less than 1.2kg

    Total Weight:about 2.0kg

Note:Expect there are other specifications,the indexes are all tested through user calibration in these following conditions:slow mode, RBW is 1KHZ,output attenuation is 0,temperature is 25℃. Some minority and accidental parameters, or some permanent parameters may be out of the technical parameter range.