Dual-Port Network Analyzer


9KHz-4GHz frequency range
Dynamic range 100dB
Multi calibration support
Built-in RF&AF generator function
60dB rf-source attenuation range
Lightweight, reliable and easy to operate




 Dual-port network analysis

S11/S21/S12/S22 Measurement function

Phase/Loss/VSWR/SmithChart/Impedance display method support

Built-in 4 extremely consistent receivers and 24bit synchronized sampling ADCs

Better amplitude measurement linearity

100dB Dynamic Range

Anti-crosstalk circuit design and strict shielding allows the KC901 to obtain a better dynamic range of transmission measurements.

Multiple Calibration Methods

Response and Enhanced Response Calibration

Support cal-kit parameters input to precision calibration

Calibrator female/male conversion

Cable cancelling setting support

Built-in utilities

Based on the network analyzer architecture

We adds Spectrum, RF-source, Comparator, AF-source and Field-meter  functions.

Spectrum mode

RBW  can set 1KHz-30KHz,discrete sweeping in range.


Compare the level and phase(time) of two channel.Can setting different triggers.

RF Source

Generate RF signals

Support CW signal and FM/ASK modulation

60dB attenuation range

AF source

Generate audio frequency signals

Support CW and FM/ASK modulation

BNC or RF port routable

Field meter

Measuring single point RF level

Field strength calculate

Multiple connection modes for remote control via network or USB
Easily store measurement data with TF card

Type-C port for data transfer and battery charge

TF-card solt for data storage

RJ-45 port for ethernet remote connection

5.5×2.5 DC jack support wide range power input

Free KCSDI software connection

Main Parameters

Name Conditions Minimum Typical Maximum Notices
Frequency range valid value 5kHz 4GHz
Frequency range Allow set 0 4GHz
Sweep frequence range valid value 1kHz 4GHz
Maximum Output Level -6dBm 0dBm 6dBm
Internal attenuation range 0 60dB
Receiver normalized noise floor -130dBm/Hz
S21 dynamic range 100dB RBW:1kHz
Directionality Absolute 27dB
Relative (after calibration) >42dB
Trace noise RMS, Port through 0.005dB
Sweep speed RBW:10kHz 0.8ms/pt
Sweep points 101 10001
Temperature -40°C 55℃ Depends on the battery
Battery life 3h Depends on different function
Weight 1.3kg 1.5kg
Volume Connector included 210×120×46mm(L×W×Th)

1 year warranty, low repair costs

High build quality as always