DEEPACE Low lose N-type test cable 1m




Low lose cable for high frequency measurement, Every product include a test result.

Test Result sample

Mechanical Characteristics

  Center Conductor Diameter (mm) 1.14
  Center Conductor Type Stranded
(PTFE)Insulation Diameter (mm) 2.95
Shields Diameter(mm) 3.60
(TPU) Jacket Diameter(mm) ≦5.10
 Min.bending radius(mm) 50


Electrical and Environmental Performance

 Impedance(Ω) 50
 Capacitance(PF/m) 87
 Operating frequency(GHz) 18
 Velocity of propagation(%) 83
 Max. Operating voltage(kV) 1.5
  Shielding effectiveness(dB@1GHz) ≥80
  Operating temperature range(℃) (TPU,-55~+85)
 Insertion Loss Frequency(GHz)  Insertion Loss(dB/m)
1GHz 0.42
3GHz 0.70
6GHz 1.00
8GHz 1.13
10GHz 1.32
12GHz 1.50
15GHz 1.75
18GHz 1.95


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