KC761 Firmware Update

Materials needed to prepare for upgrade

1, a TF card, the maximum support 32GB. currently known, for the newer high-speed TF card, there may be compatibility problems. It is recommended to use the old card, please format it to FAT32 file system. If there is a compatibility problem, it will cause the upgrade interface to enter the jam, you can long press the power button to shut down. This problem may be able to software improvement later.

2, install the battery, or use a reliable USB power supply. Do not use POE power supply, because the power consumption during the upgrade is not controlled and may be lower than the power consumption required by the POE protocol to maintain. Do not interrupt the power supply during the upgrade process. Please place the instrument on the desktop to avoid poor contact with the power supply plug due to shaking during operation.

Steps to upgrade

  1. Download the BIN file (support page), usually the file name is KC761 FW V×. ××.bin.

2、Copy the BIN file to the root directory of TF card, there can only be one bin file in the root directory of TF card, don’t mix different versions together. It is recommended that only the upgrade file is included in the TF card.

3、Insert the TF card into the TF card slot on the right side of the instrument.

4, open the instrument, observe the upper status bar of the display, the memory card logo map should appear. If you wait for a few seconds and it still does not appear, try to repeat unplugging the TF card.

5、Press the FUNC key to enter the system setup interface

6、Press the “+” key to move the cursor to the Firmware Upgrade menu.

7, press ENTER, the Confirm Upgrade option appears, press ENTER again to start the upgrade, displaying KC761 Updating Please wait.

8、After ten seconds to one minute, the instrument automatically shuts down. If it is stuck for a long time (e.g. more than 3 minutes), you can press and hold the power button to turn off the instrument and try again.

9, long press the power button until the power is on, press FUNC, enter the Device Information interface, check the firmware version (FW VER) to confirm the successful upgrade.