MEASALL KC951011 N type 6GHz OSL calibration kit


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  • Load VSWR <1.055 (DC-6GHz)
  • Open phase drift ±1.5° (DC-6GHz)
  • Short phase drift ±1° (DC-6GHz)
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KC951011 calibration kit with one opener and one short. The nominal electrical length is 5.26mm.
The open short can operate up to 7 GHz.

Load: In the range of 0~2G, the return loss is better than 42dB; in the range of 2G~3G, it is better than 36dB (guaranteed indicator); in the range of 3~6G, it is better than 30dB (the indicator is not guaranteed in this band).

Typical values are all better than 45dB in 0~2GHz and 42dB in 2~3GHz.

The standard is a valuable test accessory and needs to be used with care, stored properly and calibrated regularly. Before calibration, be sure to check and clean the connector to avoid damaging the standardizer. The open short can be scrubbed with clean water or alcohol. When connecting, you should hold the rod part and only rotate the screw sleeve, do not rotate the whole standardizer. When connecting loads you should press the gold-colored part first and then rotate the screw sleeve to reduce the chance of the gold-colored part rotating together.

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