MEASALL Radio Beacon Transmitter KC1050


Power output 0.01W/0.1W/0.2W/0.4W

VHF&UHF bands available

External antenna 50Ω impedance

CW, CW in FM, Mono FM, Manual/Auto Key CW, FM audio play back.

Harmonics better than -60dBc




  • Power output adjustable 0.01W/0.1W/0.2W/0.4W
  • VHF&UHF band
  • External antenna 50Ω impedance
  • Harmonics better than -60dBc
  • Endurance 10h (at low power)
  • Supports CW, CW in FM, Mono FM, Manual/Auto Key CW, FM audio play back.
  • Supports analog and digital sub-tone transmissions
  • Supports intermittent transmission, randomized intermittent transmission
  • Supports automatic randomization of transmit power

Introduction The KC1050 is a radio beacon transmitter that transmits low-power RF signals in the VHF band (2m) and the UHF band (0.7m), and can be used as a signal target for direction-finding training or as an CW trainer. The maximum power of the signal is about 0.4W with four adjustable levels. It support CW, CW in FM, monophonic FM, playback of audio files in MP3 format via a TF card, and the use of an external microphone to transmit voice. The KC1050 can randomly intermittently transmit and randomly change power to enhance the difficulty of direction finding training.


Package list:KC1050, RF antenna, user manual, USB charging cable.