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KC95021 RF Demo Kit is specially designed for RF Network Analyzer learners. It contains totally sixteen types or RF circuits, among which eleven types are single-port networks, and five are dual-port networks. Also there are directive multi-stage antennas embedded within that can be used for both signals reception and emission. Furthermore, it is equipped with three well-performing (open-short-load) calibrators that are fit for UFL connectors with 1mm electrical length, which the operator can perform calibration with on the VNA before measuring the PCB antennas.

Frequency Range of Multi-Stage Antenna (VSWR <2)

560MHz   –   600MHz

1430MHz   –  1700MHz

2450MHz   –  2670MHz

3200MHz   –  3670MHz

4100MHz   –  4500MHz

5100MHz   –  5970MHz


The Return Loss of LOAD Calibrator

Better than 20dB (<2.5GHz)

Better than 10dB (2.5GHz – 7GHz)

Pre-set the measuring frequency range on the VNA first, and then connect the VNA to Demo Kit with a UFL cable to perform calibration, there the operator can start RF network measuring.

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