MEASALL True RMS RF Power Sensor KC9531B 4GHz

It is capable of accurately measuring unstable RF signals, such as those generated by magnetron tubes.

With a drift of less than 0.5dB within the temperature range of -20 to 65 °C, the sensor exhibits high reliability, ensuring stable and durable performance.

KC9531B built-in RS485 and usb interface, measurements can be easily started by connecting the PC software KCSDI using a usb connection.

Main Performance

100MHz~4GHz frequency range
50dB dynamic range
0.5dB absolute uncertainty (typical)
0.2dB relative uncertainty (typical)
100ns minimum pulse width
50ms time constant
20MHz maximum signal bandwidth
RMS detector



parameter condition min typ max unit/note
Frequency range 100 4000 MHz
Amplitude -30 20 dBm
Uncertainty all amplitude range 0.5 1.5 dB,25℃
-20~+10dBm 0.2 1.0 dB,25℃
temperature drift -20~65℃ 0.5 1.5 dB
Long-term stability 0.5 1.0 dB/a
Data speed 200 package/s,Limited by RS485
DC Voltage 4PIN Port 3.5 18 V
USB-TYPE-C 4.5 5.5 V
DC Current DC Supply 100 400 mA
USB Powered 300
RF Connector N-type male
RF Port SWR 4GHz 1.2 1.5
Dimension L×W×H 105 60 23.5 mm
Weight 220 g

Setting screen shot with KCSDI software

Measurement screen shot with KCSDI software

Download Driver(WIN)

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